Xwayland rootful - part 2

This is the second part of the Xwayland rootful post, the first part is there .  Using Xwayland rootful to run a full X11 desktop Xwayland rootful can run more than just a window manager, it can as well run an entire X11 desktop, for example with Xfce: $ Xwayland -geometry 1024x768 -decorate :12 & $  DISPLAY=:12 SESSION_MANAGER= GDK_BACKEND=x11 dbus-run-session startxfce4 Xfce running on Xwayland rootful in GNOME Shell on Wayland Unfortunately, not all the keyboard shortcuts within the nested X11 session actually work, because some of those (such a Alt-Tab for example) get processed by the Wayland compositor directly, instead of being forwarded to the nested environment. This however isn't a problem specific to Wayland or Xwayland, an X11 window manager running in  Xnest  or  Xephyr  will have the same issues with keyboard shortcuts. To avoid that,  Xephyr  is able to „grab“ the keyboard and pointer so that all input events end up in the nested X11 session and do not get proces

Xwayland rootful - part1

A bit of background Xwayland is intended as a compatibility layer, to allow legacy X11 applications to continue to work in a Wayland environment. Most Wayland compositors run Xwayland „rootless“ (using the command line option „ -rootless “ when spawning Xwayland) so that X11 clients can integrate seamlessly with the other Wayland native clients, the Wayland compositor taking care of stacking the various windows (or surfaces) regardless of the client being X11 or Wayland native. That actually works very well, so well that in many cases users do not even realize that any particular client is still running on X11, using Xwayland. For that to work, the Wayland compositor needs to integrate a fully functional X11 window manager. Sometimes, however, it is useful to use a separate X11 server to run X11 applications with another X11 window manager or even a full X11 environment. Nested X11 servers With X11, it is possible to run a nested X11 server such as Xnest or Xephyr , and run a full X11

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

This is my first blog post, ever! I'm afraid there isn't much yet, but my intention is to post things related to Xwayland and various other projects I contribute to.